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Fed up with those annoying unexpected program crashes?
Use CRASHit - and YOU decide when your programs will crash!

why you need this program
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another (less usefull) program by Magister Lex

fig. 1: the CRASHit main dialog

why you need this program

You all know the situation...
you've been working on this really important document the whole day.
You don't believe in saving too often
(that is something for the weaklings)
and suddenly ... it's there:
"this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down"
Now all you can do is click that OK button and cry into your mousepad.

But don't worry, you've just found the solution!
CRASHit gives you back the control.
You are no longer the helpless victim, sitting in front of your computer,
trembling in fear of the next crash.

(On the other hand, many users feel that the latest Windows versions are too stable.
They become nostalgic, thinking about the good old days when crashes were so regular that you could set your clock by it...
I have designed the MANIAC/ULTRA VIOLENCE MODE especially for those of you.)


click here to download this MUST HAVE PowerTool.
(no installation is required, just copy the file crashit.exe to a directory of your choice)

why you should buy the registered version

The registered version which is only USD 799.00 has the following additional features:

a less usefull program
(as if we hadn't seen enough launchpads already...)

click here to visit the RUNit homepage.


if you want to report a bug, or send me money, or recommend a good mental hospital (thanks alot Avner)
just send an email to: lexi@magister-lex.at



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